Vyew.com Online Interactive White Board


Vyew.com Interactive Online BoardRight now, the coder and I are making some changes to Vyew.com's Interactive Online White board, so All Sessioners will be able to create, edit or delete the content they create on the board. Right now, the Sessioners cannot do this, so this is a major problem that has to be resolved. We also found out that Vyew.com will no longer be free, which is not good, but what can you do about it, its the only online white board that meets our required needs. The lowest price now is $9.95 per month, which isn't to bad, but we'll know for sure once the Sessioners begin to use iSessioner.com. Will they pay the price to use Vyew.com's Interactive Online White board or not pay the price?

Interactive Calendar Events


Calendar EventThe coder and I continue to improve the Interactive Calendar Event, so it will do exactly what we want it to do. Today, the coder added two new input fields that will further the capabilities of the script. So far, the ICE improvements are going well. The idea is to make the Interactive Calendar Event indispensable to the Sessioners and the students.

Interactive Calendar


iSessioner CalendarAs I continue to develop iSessioner.com, I can see that we are close to where we want to be, so I'm excited about where we are currently at. I don't think we will ever be completely done no matter how many Sessioners or students use the Web application, because you will always have the competition to contend with, but that is OK with me because you never want to become complacent. So, the next service I have added to iSessioner.com is the Interactive Calendar for the Sessioners and the students. The Interactive Calendar will allow the users to keep track of their tasks, their events and the things they need to do.



Bitbucket.orgOne of the things we had to do recently is to move the iSessioner.com Web site project to another server, because the coders and I were finding ourselves at times using a different version of a file. I really didn't know much about these kinds of Web services, so I left the decision to the coder. I was not disappointed in what was selected. The name of the Web site is called Bitbucket and it provides you everything you need to manage, edit and operate your Web site project. And, if you have five or fewer users the price is free. And, even if you go over the number of users and have to pay, the amount you pay per month per user does not cost a lot.

Interactive Notebook Search


iSessioner.com NotebooksOne of the things I wanted to do at this point was to give the students and the Sessioners on iSessioner.com a way to categories and search the public Interactive Notebook Posts. So, after talking about this with my coder, we came up with a model that allows for a variety of ways to find a post. So far, it looks like it will work well and we'll be able to know for sure once it gets test loaded.

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